El Norte


El Norte is my second book, due out in the US in early February 2019 (published by Grove Atlantic) and in Britain (Grove UK)  later in the year. For more about this book (and to pre-order!) click here.

Praise for El Norte

“In this enlightening and exhaustively researched work, Carrie Gibson has accomplished the monumental task of recovering an extraordinary and consequential Hispanic past traditionally written out of American history. Her narrative is far reaching, vividly detailed, and a gift to assessing the American experience and evolving identity.”--Jack E. Davis, author of The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea

“Carrie Gibson has written an epic history which will significantly change the way we look at American history, from the Georgia in which she grew up to the California coast. She chronicles the way in which Hispanic people–Spanish, Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican–shaped places like the American South and Southwest in a way not captured by our standard narrative, which inaccurately relies overly on British colonization and America’s westward expansion. In so doing, she challenges and dispels the stereotypes of the ‘Black Legend, ‘ which has cast Hispanics as villains in the American story, either cruel or incompetent or both. Along the way, she takes the readers on Spanish travels to the Chesapeake and Canada as well as settlements that stand to this day, from New Madrid, Missouri to Mesilla, New Mexico and Tampa. Her research is meticulous in detail and her writing propels the reader through 500 years to transport them to today.”–Richard Parker, author of Lone Star Nation: How Texas Will Transform America

Kirkus said in its review that ‘Gibson soundly concludes that the history of the Spanish “is central to how the United States has developed and will continue to develop,” lending further utility to her work.’