Empire’s Crossroads

Paperback UK edition
Paperback UK edition

Empire’s Crossroads is my first book. It was published in 2014, and chosen as one of Hudson Booksellers’ Best Non-Fiction of 2014 and one of the best history books of 2014 by the Observer (UK). You can download the full bibliography by clicking on this link.

There is a Chinese edition (帝国的十字路口 : 从哥伦布到今天的加勒比史) available here.

Here are some of the reviews:

New York Times: ‘Gibson knows how to hold the reader’s interest, and before you get too entangled in her meticulous research, she offers gems, sometimes poetic prose, often fascinating facts.’

Christian Science Monitor: ‘thoughtful and extensively researched … a revelation’

Library Journal (US): ‘a marvelously rich and inclusive panorama of five centuries of Caribbean history’

Kirkus (US): ‘judicious chronicles of individual islands emerge from a larger, bleak picture of an “invented paradise” ’

Booklist (US): ‘Gibson delivers a fine, faceted history’

Publishers Weekly: ‘a thoroughly-researched and meticulously-detailed history’

The Observer (UK): ‘a strikingly assured history of the Caribbean’

The Spectator (UK): ‘vivid and thought-provoking’

The Times (UK – paywall): ‘a fine introduction to the history of a turbulent and fascinating region’

Literary Review (UK – subscription): ‘an exceptionally impressive debut’

BBC History (UK – subscription): ‘a welcome addition to the canon’

Foreign Affairs: ‘fluid, colorful prose peppered with telling anecdotes’

Slavery and Revolution (UK history blog): ‘a very readable journey through Caribbean history’

Stabroek News (Guyana): ‘a valuable work that is required reading’

St Croix Source: ‘a terrific book’

Business Day (South Africa): ‘a vivid, compelling narrative that contributes to a wider understanding of the role countries such as Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and Venezuela have played in Geopolitics’

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